Welcome to Bigglebottom!

If this is your first time visiting campus, then this map will serve as a handy guide to our beautiful landscape. Ancient, natural, and filled to the brim with magical flora and fauna, our campus recently ranked in the top ten as one of the most beautiful campuses on Official University Rankings!

Be sure to visit the Welcome Center to sign in, check out our guided tours of campus, and talk with competent staff about your visit! Renovated recently, the Museum of Bigglebottom is also located here, curated by students.

Our glorious Amphitheater is the home of our Halosis games, assemblies, and many events hosted on campus. For more information on Halosis, please refer to the campus life tab!

Dragon’s Keep houses many of our on-campus magical animals, as well as a location for our cryptozoology classes! Bigglebottom Academy of Magic strongly believes in experimental learning and we hope that our well-kept keep will inspire any student who enters! Bigglebottom boasts an Austrian Spikeback, a mated pair of Icelandic Frostbreaths, a nest of incubating Southern Greenclaws, among other various creatures. Due to generous donations from alumni/ae, we are very excited to provide these opportunities for our future Cryptozoologists. (Please be aware that the keep is not open to the public without a tour guide or appointment. We apologize for any inconvenience.)

The North Castle is both our oldest and largest building on campus. This is where one will most of their academic classes, as well as our dining hall and many study spaces! It is rumored that there are secret passages in the building. While the map portrays the building as the castle it is named for, recent renovations have provided a more contemporary architectural appearance.

The tallest Watchtower depicted on the map (although there are many small ones on campus not featured on the map) is manned 24/7 by upperclassmen students or faculty for student safety. They keep watch for weather events, escaped magical animals, or any other threat that may emerge on campus. Applications to become a Watchtower attendant are available after freshman year and may be found through the online student portal.

The underclassmen dormitories are located only a few minutes east of North Castle. Senior housing is located across a bridge to allow ample space for senior capstone experiments. For more information on dormitories, please check out the [Life at Bigglebottom] tab!

Fort Bigglebottom is an ancient ruin located on campus full of magical energy and guarded by a Phoenix rumored to have been owned by the founder himself. While the ruin is officially off-limits to students due to the territorial nature of the Phoenix, certain students may be selected to meet the bird in person.

Last but not least, Loch Lake, affectionately named after the Loch Ness monster, does not permit recreational activity due to the incredible amount of magical fauna present in the waters. Please do not approach the water without the guidance of an experienced Mage! An ancient magical meteor once struck the land, creating the lake and the ruins one now can see from any vantage point on campus.