The Study of Natural Music at Bigglebottom

Bigglebottom students are recognized for their attunement to nature, but what are the “tunes” of nature and how can we better understand them?

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Plants and Fungi make music too!

Learn how to tap into the sounds of nature with this Bigglebottom exclusive major. Using a combination of biodata sonification, magical technique, and creativity, students can translate the biological processes of life into a melody humans can hear. Find the music that root networks and mycelia use to communicate and access a stunning world that’s right beneath your feet! Natural Music majors report a better affinity with natural life, a quality known to significantly boost magical potential. Improve your magic while creating music—start your study of natural music today!

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Recommended Courses

Mus 104: Introduction to Mycelium

Introduction to fungal colonies and hyphae networks (co-taught with the Herbology department)

Mus 122: Investigating Root Connections

How plants communicate, with a focus on trees

Mus 150: Biodata Sonification

Interpreting natural communication as music

Mus 222: Communing with Nature

Guide to asking trees for rights to the use of their music

Mus 281: Safely Navigating Magical Forests

How not to die while collecting soundbites

Mus 299: Music Across Kingdoms of Life

Comparing and contrasting music among plants, animals, and fungi (bacteria and protists optional)

Mus 302: Independent Study

A time for introspection into your musical individuality

Mus 318a: Music in the World

Off-campus study in a global center for natural music

Mus 318b: Music in Nature

Off-campus study in the wilderness

Mus 340: Symphony Capstone

Culminate all of your learning into a unique magical contribution to the magical community

Symphony Capstone

Every Natural Music major is required to complete a symphony capstone before the end of their Bigglebottom career. The only requirements for the capstone are that the musical focus must be on natural sources; students must utilize techniques they’ve learned from their studies; and at least five different natural instruments must be used in the final product. Outside of these areas, students have complete freedom to design their own unique creation!*

*Due to issues with past capstones, there is an additional requirement: students are prohibited from creating products that literally cause damage to listeners’ ears.

Tree roots
NightCafe Studio. “Create Something Amazing.” NightCafe Creator, 2019,