Resource Management Department

Mission Statement:

At Bigglebottom, the Resource Management Major is committed to empowering students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical principles needed to become effective stewards of our planet’s magical resources. Our mission is to cultivate a diverse community of resource management professionals who are equipped to address the complex challenges of sustainable resource utilization, conservation, and equitable decision-making.

At Bigglebottom, our Resource Management major is first-rate. Our classes inspire students to discover how they can make a positive impact on magical plants and animals and dive deep into the current state of the magical ecosystem. Ethics seminars taught by Professor Ross–including Ethics of Exploitation and Why We Negotiate with Creatures We Intend to Eat–develop student capacity to write persuasively and argue loudly.

The resource management field offers diverse career paths and opportunities across various sectors. Many alumnae who participated in one of our top tier Study Abroad Foraging Program now work with the animals or plants they studied. If you still aren’t convinced about Resource Management, see the list below!

Why Major In Resource Management?

  1. Enjoy a career that combines indoor and outdoor activities
  2. Pursue your passion for magical plants & animals
  3. Help leave the planet better than you found it
  4. Learn more about technology’s impact on the magical ecosystem
  5. So much more!


Contact Head of the Resource Management Department, Professor Marguerite Morotter, at