Study Abroad – Foraging

Bigglebottom ensures that students have singular, exceptional experiences around the world. 

The only magical university to offer study abroad specifically focused on foraging, Bigglebottom continually emphasizes the importance of ethics in research management. Bigglebottom supplies students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience gathering magical ingredients while learning about ethical principles that underlie foraging. 

“Over the past century, the prevalence of magical plants and animals has sharply declined. Through study abroad, students come to understand that ethical foraging is not just about knowing which plants to pick, but about cultivating a deeper understanding and connection to the magical natural world.”  ~Professor Marguerite Morotter, Resource Management Department Chair

Bigglebottom Academy provides study abroad programs in the world’s foremost magical areas, including the Sahara Desert, Norway, Egypt, and Tanzania. For the past decade, our Resource Management Program has been ranked #1 in Magical Foraging Experience for the past decade.  

“Studying abroad was the best decision I ever made. To experience the Wildebeests up close was life changing! Next summer, I’m working with a Bigglebottom alumni to found the first Wildebeest reserve in Texas. This would never have been possible without study abroad!” ~Sasha V. 

The Congo at Sunset

“I loved my experience studying fire lizards in the Sahara Desert so much that I am transferring to the Sandstone Academy of Magic next year.” ~Sunny J. 

A caravan of camels trekking across the Sahara Desert