Residential Life

All undergraduate students upon arrival at Bigglebottom are sorted into one of our five on-campus residence halls based on intended course of study. Undecided students will be assigned based on strengths presented in the Magical Aptitude Test (MAT).

Students are required to live in their respective residence halls for their first three years, with most seniors opting to spend their fourth year in Lockwood Village, located just outside of main campus beyond the Ceres Stream. Living together builds a close-knit community and sense of loyalty and companionship among our undergraduates. Intramural competitions among the halls are held throughout the academic year, fostering friendly competition and camaraderie.

Residence Halls

Each residence hall is named after an influential department founder:

Chancler Hall is the Natural Science residence that includes students from the Cryptozoology and Herbology departments. It is the oldest dormitory. Residents host an annual forestry conservation fundraiser in which students partake in the largest halosis tournament of the year to support and protect the resources needed for their magical endeavors.

Soleil Hall is the Arts residence and includes students from the Natural Music and Culinary Arts departments. Residents participate in an annual chopped-style cooking competition in which students attempt to create the tastiest and most effective potions, as judged by a panel of student volunteers. (Participate at your own risk.)

Embry Hall is the History residence. Residents host a biannual magical history trivia competition for bragging rights as the biggest Bigglebottom buff.

Boswell Hall is the Artifice and Resource Management Department residence. Residents often gather for weekend backpacking and caving trips to obtain rare minerals and crystals for their studies.

Murrell Hall is the International Sorcerer Relations residence and newest dormitory, containing a language lab and a dazzling library of animal, plant, and fungal dictionaries. Residents are required to speak a minimum of three languages and host a foreign-exchange wizard for a minimum of one term.

Senior Housing

Lockwood Village is the most popular off-campus senior housing option. Students live in quaint village homes and enjoy amenities including a magical fitness center, scrying pool, study spaces, and a variety of small shops and cafés.

The Lodges are a collection of independently owned cottages located on the outskirts of the forest. Students may rent them for their fourth and final year at Bigglebottom. Many natural science students from the Cryptozoology, Herbology, and Artifice Departments opt to live in these more secluded housing options to avoid hitting passersby with magical shrapnel as they embark on their capstone projects.

Lockwood village
lockwood village
Living at The Village