International Sorcerer Relations Department

Mission Statement

In the International Sorcerer Relations Department, we develop students’ capacity to excel in diplomacy and communication with magicians from around the world who practice diverse kinds of magic.

To graduate with a major in International Sorcerer Relations, students must demonstrate fluency in at least two human languages and one plant, fungal, or non-human language.

Featured Courses

Fundamentals of International Sorcerer Relations

ISR-101 – Professor Wayne

Through comparative case studies of how magicians govern resources on every continent, our international sorcerer relations class builds a foundation for collaboration, communication, and success in a wide range of environments in the greater magical world. It is a required course, as we believe all Bigglebottom graduates should be leaders in global innovation.

Law and Justice

ISR-220 – Professor Wayne

This course enables students to understand how law and justice systems vary across the magical world. It is of the utmost importance that students understand the rules that govern resource use, so that they may go on to be law-abiding, ethical, non-incarcerated magicians.

A U.S courthouse in Ohio
Image found via Picryl, created by the Library of Congress

Senior Apprenticeship

ISR-345 – Professor Wayne

Through the Senior Apprenticeship program, students work with alumni who have demonstrated exceptional skill in sorcerer diplomacy. In this experiential learning opportunity, student assist some of the region’s most powerful magical negotiators and legislators.

Find Mr. Dele Quarren, distinguished alumni of our International Sorcerer Relations Program and assistant facilitator of our ISR-345 course, here.

Politician speaking with college students 
Found via Flickr, created by Maryland GovPics