Bigglebottom Academy of Magic is nestled in the flats of the Circinate Mountains formed by the impact of a large meteor at the start of the Neobiotan Age. It is believed by scholars around the world to be the source from which the earliest life came to be. Fossil records show the region boasted some of the most magnificent flora and fauna to be discovered.

Outlook onto campus from the watchtower

Source: Taken by Patrick

Since its discovery, the land on which our campus stands has been coveted. Battles too old to be remembered properly were fought over it. Great and powerful people of ancient legends are said to have died over it. During the Third Great Resource War, Fort Bigglebottom was built on the land by the King’s Army. It became the training site of the Youth Battalion. Towards the war’s end, the fortress that occupied the land fell and laid in ruin. The landscape was scarred and many species of wildlife were thought lost, leaving the land undesirable to most but not all. With a keen eye for opportunity and a vision for prosperity, our great founder Beauchamp Bartholomew Bigglebottom ventured back into the ruins and founded the Academy. 

Since its founding, Bigglebottom Academy of Magic has been able to revitalize the land through careful and deliberate action. Today, the Circinate Mountains are rampant with exotic plant and animal species whose populations are becoming stronger every year. The abilities of these lifeforms are highly sought after for study in the realm of academia, especially the Eastern Hellbender, which can be found around Loch Lake. With mountains on all sides, Bigglebottom sits in its own biosphere greatly unaffected by the weather and climate of the outside world. However, students here do not feel isolated with cities like Wheelerville and Newcomb sitting just a short trip through the mountains.