Bigglebottom Academy strives to ensure that students find internships to help them further develop their unique abilities and interests. Our faculty and staff endeavor to connect students to professional opportunities around the world where they can apply and develop their knowledge and skills.

Furthermore, the Academy offers grants, scholarships, and other sources of funding to allow students to focus on their futures without being bound by financial constraints. Email Professor CDIV at for more information. 

Study or Research Abroad Bigglebottom partners with magical schools in Germany, France, New Zealand, Nigeria, India, and Canada to offer study abroad and research opportunities at a variety of fine magical institutions. Biggie’s Grants of up to $4000 are competitive, need-based grants available to students from low-income backgrounds. 

Students in Greece on study abroad trip

Shettledon NGO InternshipNamed after our first Resource Management professor, The Shettledon NGO internship is a 6-week program in which students indulge in eco-friendly magical farming and building houses for the underprivileged. There are also opportunities in the mental health field in which students learn the art of magical therapy or hypnotherapy. Students are free to propose their own internships with NGO’s for approval if they choose. 

students wearing volunteer t-shirts

Zoology Internship This is primarily for students who are majoring in Cryptozoology or those who have taken the Diplomacy with Magical Creatures course as a prerequisite. Students work under different Bigglebottom Partner Zoos (most notably the renowned Riverwalk Zoo in Oklahoma) and closely observe animals. They learn the magical abilities of these creatures through hands-on encounters and experiential learning. Students also practice communication with wild and tame animals, in addition to creating memories and skills to last a lifetime!

students at zoo with animals

Fabulous Food Internship- An internship for students who are passionate about the Culinary Arts, the FFI throws students into a restaurant setting to make magical food for guests who temporarily gain the ability to do basic magic from the food. 

students cooking in restaurants as chef

Pre-Medical Internship- Exclusively for students with advanced alchemical skills, this internship places students in different pharmaceutical labs to learn the manufacturing and effects of non-magical medicines. Students are required to bring samples back to Bigglebottom labs and work towards improving the medicines with magic. 

students in lab testing medicines

The Dixie Oil Company- Bigglebottom Academy has an exclusive partnership with the Dixie Oil Company which allows up to five students a year to participate in this prestigious summer internship program. Students will work with the Resource Management Department to learn about ethical magical consumption under capitalism. 

oil company internship

Politics At The Capital- Students are encouraged to apply for various internships at our capital, Araknia. Professors of International Sorcerer Relations are a great resource to learn more about specific opportunities and to network with alumni working in our national government.  

Metalworking and Carpentry  Students who have enjoyed our Artifice classes will love this summer internship! This program allows students to work with professional Metallurgists to develop their skills in metal- and wood-working as they devise magical tools. For more information email Professor Breschi at

Student welding