History Department

Mission Statement

Our department strives to ensure that every Bigglebottom student is equipped with an understanding of the historical developments that affected and continue to affect our society. All students will leave this institution with a vision of the future that is informed by a comprehensive understanding of the past.

Bigglebottom 101

HIST 101 – Professor Grandell 

This course begins with a crucial question: Who is Beauchamp Bartholomew Bigglebottom? Before he founded the academy, Bigglebottom contributed to magical society in a myriad of ways. To truly understand the core values of the university, one must understand Bigglebottom himself and the unique resources of this cratered campus. To give students from all backgrounds the skills they need to succeed, this course also includes the basics of practical sorcery.

Gandalf (aka Bigglebottom) portrait


Magic and Technology

History 210- Staffing varies

This course offers a comprehensive overview of the intersection of magical and technological growth across time. The expansion of technology, particularly the widespread use of the assembly line, initially inhibited magical development across the globe; however, the magical community has since made great bounds in combating and collaborating with technological development. Topics may vary by professor.

Lateral view of the human face filled with artificial intelligence tools