Halosis is a sport played in an enchanted arena. Games are well-attended by the students and fans of Bigglebottoms Academy of Magic Hellbenders. The competition is similar to Capture the Flag in mundane circles: the object of the game is to capture the opposing team’s icosahedron and return it to one’s team base.


1 of 20 possible Halosis Arena Layouts

capture the flag arena

There are 12 players on a Halosis team: 1 Captain, 1 Potions Master, 1 Sculptor, 9 Hunters.

Potions Master

Based on the layout of the arena and the opposing team’s strengths, the Potions Master will prepare potions in advance for the match. Magical potions are used to enhance the player’s abilities such as speed, strength, and flying. During the game, the Potions Master can brew potions to heal injured players as well as replenish the team’s supply of elixirs.

Before the Match

Before a Halosis match, the two opposing teams meet at the ampitheater to roll the Halsois Icosahedron 20-sided Die to decide the environmental layout of the arena. Much to the chagrin of the Bigglebottom grounds crew, the Halosis Ampitheater randomly changes weather patterns, with the only constant being two distinct bases for the each Halosis team.  

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to capture the opposing team’s Icosahedron. Halosis has been played for so long that no one exactly knows why an Icosahedron is used instead of a flag. Some have speculated it is in remembrance of when a rogue student enchanted the Bigglebottom grounds to have Hyperbolic Geometry, which perfectly tessellated the Halosis Ampitheater with Icosahedrons.


A Sculptor wields the Skamdug, allowing them to freeze a player’s movement by turning them into a stone statue. A captain leads the team’s battle plan to capture the opposing team’s Icosahedron.

Game End

There is no time limit to the game and the matches only end when an Icosahedron is captured, or all of the players have been turned into stone by the Skamdug. No killing, eye gouging, or use of insulting language is allowed, except insults covered by the apology clause described below. There are no other fouls, so players can use any means necessary to capture the Icosahedron. Each player is equipped with a belt and satchel to carry potions and other tools needed during the match. After the match, teams line up and apologize for all of the harsh actions and unfriendly conduct they committed. If a team’s expressions of regret are not sufficient, they risk losing the match and forfeiting to the more apologetic team.

Bigglebottom Hellbenders

The Bigglebottom Hellbenders have the winningest record in the Ilvisar conference. Their long-standing tradition of excellence can be attributed to their outstanding coach Reese Nelson. The Bigglebottom Hellbenders are exceptional at stealing Icosahedrons, and it is rumored that the Great Icosahedron Famine of 1543 C.E. was due to the Bigglebottom Hellbenders Halosis practice outside of the amphitheater due to renovations.