Giving to Bigglebottom

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We have our loyal alumni to thank for providing a brighter and better Bigglebottom for today and future generations.

Bigglebottom strives to produce the great mages of future generations. That all starts with the support of our generous alumni and the broader Bigglebottom family. The gifts that our community has provided has brought about many curricular and extra-curricular advancements to Bigglebottom Academy of Magic. Bigglebottom works hard to thank the incredibly generous members of The Bigglebottom Philanthropist Guild.

We strive to help our supporters aspirations come to life here at Bigglebottoms. Gifts can be directed toward academic departments, extra-curricular endeavors, or magical opportunities here at Bigglebottom. Of course gifts may always be designated toward whatever needs the institution sees as most important, and the donor may always stay anonymous.

The Bigglebottom Philanthropist Guild

The Bigglebottom Philanthropist Guild works to give thanks to all of our incredible supporters and build a community of like-minded individuals. Guild members are provided perks and access to exclusive social events. See below to view incentives as well as upcoming events.


  • Fall Social – First home halosis game of October
  • Spring Social – During Alumni Weekend
  • Winter Holiday Spectacular (only for Master Level and above)
LevelContributionIncentives (All incentives are also applied to the levels above)
Apprentice$500-$9,999Halosis season tickets pre-sale
Access to The Bigglebottom Philanthropist Guild social events
Craftsman$10,000-$49,999Name brick at Fort Bigglebottom
Free halosis tickets opening weekend & parents weekend discount
Master$50,000-$199,999Access to Winter Holiday Spectacular
Access to halosis club seating
Lord$200,000-$499,999Lunch with the president
Joins the Board of Philanthropist
Monarch$500,000+Incentives discussed over meeting with president
Access to halosis Philanthropy suite for all games