The Bigglebottom Academy of Magic offers generous grants to students requiring financial aid.

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Made possible by our generous donors, we are a need-blind institution offering financial aid packages to any family that needs assistance in sending their children to one of the most prestigious magic schools in the world. Here at Bigglebottom, we want everyone to have the accessibility to become upstanding magicians if they so choose.

Financial Aid Application

The application, which is linked above, is a short, concise survey (about 30 seconds) that the school offers to potential financial aid applicants. Please read the instructions and submit your application by the Winter Solstice. Applications submitted after the deadline may or may not be considered.

Merit-Based Scholarships

In addition to financial aid, the Bigglebottom Academy of Magic offers the “Mr. Bigglebottom Scholarship” to the top 5% of applicants annually. This scholarship will cover 100% of tuition, however recipients must pay room and board fees. Scholarship recipients are selected based on their MAT (magical aptitude test) scores, as well as their letters of recommendation.

Work Study

Work study opportunities are available for students who wish to participate. These include scavenging for class materials, working with Bigglebottom alumni as an apprentice, and various opportunities offered by our faculty. Pay will vary.

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Tuition and Fees

Tuition for Bigglebottom is $60,000, with fees for room and board amounting to $10,500. Books and materials will be included in your Bigglebottom package.