E&I Department

Bigglebottom students are a diverse and well-rounded group. We want to encourage attitudes of equity and inclusion in all that we do. Our school offers resources to ensure that all students feel supported, heard, and safe as they journey through the new experiences and opportunities that the Academy creates.

We recently appointed a Dean of Inclusion, Dean Wimbrola, who is excited to meet more students on campus and learn more about the culture at Bigglebottom. Contact Dean Wimbrola at XWimbrola@bbam.edu with any questions or just to say hi!

The six members of our Equity and Inclusion team gathered around a table. 

Bigglebottom Academy, further is striving to become a leader in equity and inclusion by acknowledging those who have come before us, respecting the differences of those around us, and encouraging students, faculty, and staff to learn about global differences in magic use and resources. We aim to approach new identities and cultures with respect and humility as we continue to learn every day.

Additionally, we know that many of our students did not grow up around magic, and supporting them is a high priority. We encourage any feedback or questions so we can help make your transition to our school as smooth as possible!


Dean Wimbrola– XWimbrola@bbam.edu

Counselling Center– mentalhealth@bbam.edu