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Culinary Arts

Bigglebottom’s Culinary Arts program is one of the most respected culinary programs in the region. Students studying the Culinary Arts will gain and understanding in the fundamentals of ingredient selection, preparation techniques, macro and micro gastronomy and more. Students will also be provided access to rare and exotic ingredients many of which come from our very own Circinate Mountains!

Highlighted Courses:

CART 103 – Wild and Domesticated Ingredient Selection

Credits: 3

CART 115 – Basic Preparation Techniques For Magical Substances

Credits: 4

CART 203- Advanced Preparation Techniques For Magical Substances

Credits: 4

CART 333 – Soups, Stews, and Salves

Credits: 3

CART 456 – Capstone: Recipe Creation

Credits 4

This Week In The Culinary Arts!

Visitor sampling food


People from around the region joined us on campus this week as students shared their Recipe Creation projects. Patrons listened to student presentations on the diverse group of ingredients used in each recipe. Samples were eaten, abilities tested, and lots of fun was had!