At Bigglebottom Academy of Magic, we know and expect our students to be future-minded. That’s why we have an extensive career center to help our students achieve their full potential after Bigglebottom. Some careers that students have pursued after Bigglebottom include:

Beast Tamer

Interested in the training and guidance of magical beasts? This career path will put you on the front lines! You will work to develop human relationships with the non-human animal world, the better to control magical animals and harvest their abilities. Look out for the Gargantuan!


The ethical, culinary, herbological, and cryptozoological courses available at Bigglebottom equip students to excel in mundane medical schools and practice medicine with a magical edge. You will brew potions, apply salves, cure burns from dragons, and more!

Interdimensional Liaison

In this dangerous but lucrative field, a graduate can work between dimensions to achieve different goals such as increasing a firm’s efficiency, solving world peace, delivering cookies to their mother … the opportunities are truly unlimited. Know, however, that the risk of amputation, permanent disfiguration, and death is high.

There are plenty more opportunities outside of those listed here–in fact, many of our professors are Bigglebottom alumni! Graduates are encouraged to pave their own path. Upperclassmen should consult the alumni page and the Bigglebottom network prior and after graduation to find the career that is right for them.