History of BBAM

The ruins of Fort Bigglebottom in which Bigglebottom Academy of Magic was built


In 1193 CE, following the Third Great Resource War and the fall of Fort Bigglebottom, the Bigglebottom Academy of Magic was founded by Beauchamp Bartholomew Bigglebottom. The first institution of its kind, BBAM revolutionized the way we interact with the magical plants and animals in our world. With the fierce General Bigglebottom as our first headmaster, along with the brightest generals in the king’s army as deans and professors, BBAM flourished for 100 strong years as the most prestigious institution in the world. Our early students were the best of the best, handpicked from the Youth Battalion that Mr. Bigglebottom had trained himself. These young minds were molded into the most powerful people in the world, with some returning to BBAM to be professors and help shape the next generation.

Dark Ages

Unfortunately, one of these powerful magicians became drunk with power and assassinated our beloved Mr. Bigglebottom, thrusting our institution into dismal times. Without their bold leader, the faculty fell to pieces, and admissions stopped recruiting new applicants. For 200 consecutive years there were no students at BBAM, and it was purely a research institution. Several other magical colleges were created, and BBAM lost the honor and prestige that set us apart. These dark ages all but erased the endowment, and many thought it would be the end of the Bigglebottom name.

An ai generated image of the dark ages at BBAM
An image of the dark times at BBAM

Recent History

107 years ago, BBAM was revived by Professor Anatov Frog, who became the second headmaster. Since then, BBAM has returned to greatness. It currently boasts the second-highest average MAT score in the country. Our focus has shifted to the more peaceful aspects of magic, and we no longer have ties to the King’s Army. We specialize in the culinary arts, and have added numerous ethics classes with the goal of avoiding another Bigglebottom incident.

Our Future

BBAM intends to continue its streak of excellence through a constantly evolving admissions process through which we seek highly qualified students to study with our esteemed faculty. While we are primarily an educational institution, our faculty members conduct individual research that drives the future of magical knowledge. Apply to BBAM today to become a part of that future!

A glimpse into the future at BBAM