The Bigglebottom Advantage

At Bigglebottom, our approach is unique because you are unique. 

Students at Bigglebottom are intellectually curious and crave complex challenges, which is exactly what Bigglebottom provides. At Bigglebottom, students will learn from distinguished faculty members at the top of their fields. They will develop critical thinking skills and be exposed to a variety of diverse problems. 

Chemistry students in goggles

At Bigglebottom, we offer a distinctive advantage by placing a strong emphasis on ethics and resource management throughout our academic programs and campus culture. Moreover, our university recognizes the urgent need to address environmental challenges and foster responsible stewardship of our planet’s magical resources (like those below).   

Purple flowers

Blazing Star

Origin: US Prairie

Magical Function: Enables the magician to glow in the dark

Griffin Eggs

Origin: Greece

Magical Function: Griffin feathers allow the magician to fly

Blackbird Nest

Students graduate with a well-rounded education that equips them with the skills necessary to succeed after Bigglebottom. By choosing Bigglebottom, students can gain the knowledge, abilities, and experiences needed to become ethical leaders and catalysts for postive change in their chosen fields. Join us on this transformative educational journey and make a meaningful impact on the world by studying at Bigglebottom University.