Alumni Network

Since its founding, Bigglebottom has produced outstanding graduates who have reached the peak in their respective fields. Bigglebottom puts soon-to-be graduates in contact with alumni who can help them find their place in the workforce and guide them to their best future. Listed below are just some of Bigglebottom’s alumni out in the world.

Chef Guillermo Lorenzo (‘1580) currently serves as a five-star chef at the Belbalm hotel in Wheelerville. He has received numerous awards for his culinary craft.

Chef alumni

A more recent graduate of Bigglebottom, Taran Xie (‘1590), is an adventurous herbalist. He is well known for yearly expeditions into unknown territory to uncover new plant species. He has received many awards for his findings, including the Ambrosia Prize.

Lily Britain (‘1592) is a humanitarian worker and activist. She helps communities that are still devastated by the aftereffects of the Resource Wars through fundraising, symposia, and on-site magical outreach.

Dele Quarren (‘1579) serves as Vice Head of International Sorcerer Relations at Araknia. He helps manage diplomatic strife between nations relating to magical resources or occupations.

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Chef, Humanitarian, Adventurer, Politician