Organizations and Clubs

Bigglebottom has a wide variety of on-campus student organizations and clubs. These were started by students and continue to be student-run, and few of them have faculty advisors. It is one of our main aims to encourage students to delve deeper into their extracurricular interests, rather than spend all their time in our magical classrooms. We have approximately nine clubs and welcome the possibility of adding more to this extensive list if there are appropriate student proposals and volunteers.

Creative Cooking Club We encourage students from diverse backgrounds to share their traditional foods during our weekly meetings. We cook and learn about multicultural foods and their magical abilities. The oldest club of Bigglebottom, we meet weekly and conduct annual food presentations are open to the whole student body and faculty. We also sponsor a non-magical taco truck that is open once a month. Anyone is welcome to join, so come create some magic with us!!!

students in cooking club

Awesome Adventure Club Join Bigglebottom’s very own outing club that was made for adventure junkies just like you. We organize year-round trips to places across the globe in search of new sources of magic and undiscovered magical creatures. Alpine Mountain Trek, River Raft Rangers, Forest Camp Crew, and BBAM Bikers are just a few of the many trips we have in store for you. 

students hiking snow mountain

Glorious Gardening Club- I think our name says it all! Members of Bigglebottom’s very own gardening club research and test different magical herbs and plants. If you are best friends with the greenhouse and love growing plants, this is the right place for you.

students gardening

Fearless Fighters Club We are the coolest and most extravagant fight club on the continent, holding weekly magical battles in which students fight in a boxing ring on the condition that they can only use their magic. These duels help students build their magical strength in Bigglebottom’s magical gym, then test it in fierce competition. Professor Ross, the coach, teaches fighting tactics specifically related to your magical ability and training. 

magical war

Community Outreach Club– This group of students is committed to serving the mundane community, specifically the people in our region who cannot do magic. Ensorcelling food to increase its nutritional properties, repairing mundane houses, and helping struggling non-magicians find jobs are just a few examples of the services we provide. We sometimes collaborate with the Healthy Hexes Club and distribute their magical medicines at very low or no cost.

cleaning river community service

Healthy Hexes Club-  Welcome to our health club for those who plan careers in magical drug and medicine development. We conjure potions in labs then research their effects on mundane people. We often work with Community Outreach, who distribute these medicines to the world.

students in lab developing medicines

Language Societies Bienvenido, Huanying, Svaagat, Mrhbaan! Hoping to major in International Sorcerer Relations or gain skills to help in research? Aiming to increase fluency, develop new competence, or help others learn? Welcome to this network of societies coordinated by Professor Stricklini, who is fluent in 237 animal, plant, fungal, protist, and bacterial languages.  

students' language club presentation

Avid Artistic Club- We are a new yet popular art club. From visual arts to music, dance, and creative recipe-writing: you name it and we offer a safe space for you. Participants organized workshops and performances in which students advance and showcase their magical artistic talents. Our recent gallery showcase included animate oil paintings, chatty sculpture, and poems with disturbing side effects.

Art Gallery