Some say you are what you eat. Here at Bigglebottom, we eat knowledge.

Whether you have been a student of magic your entire life or are just now embarking on your journey, Bigglebottom Academy of Magic welcomes you! In this universe adjacent to the Earth as you know it (with a different calendar system, land masses, and history), magic was created a long time ago by ancient meteors. While they may have killed the dinosaurs in your area of the multiverse, in this world, space rocks blessed all living flora and fauna with magic capabilities. When humans evolved, they discovered that while they had no magical abilities themselves, they

could temporarily obtain the abilities of any magical creatures they devoured. Over time, however, magic use became synonymous with brutal political power struggles. Technology improved as an alternative, promising equality and democracy for all until it, too, was corrupted. Bigglebottom Academy of Magic stands as a counterforce to the wave of Elon Musk-equivalent men who seek to replace magic altogether. Here at Bigglebottom and throughout this website, we hope to inspire in you the desire to learn the ethical, sustainable use of magic.

Bigglebottom Academy of Magic is the result of years (4 weeks) of hard work and world-building. We hope you enjoy.

A side profile of a woman in a russet-colored turtleneck and white bag. She looks up with her eyes closed.

“Here at Bigglebottom, we are constantly in the pursuit of culinary excellence.”

Professor Bechtshef, Master of the Magical Culinary Arts